Award Shelf & Blog Sugar

A big thanks to my ‘Blog-Fam’ for nominating me for the following awards…
You guys are awesome!



Here are some blogs I follow and ones I have re-nominated in the past…

How could I feel comfortable finishing my espresso, still in my pyjamas at 11AM without one of Lauren’s doodle posts from Viciously Sweet?… it’s not like I get the newspaper! (Love them!)

The reigning Queen: Kat at SnarkySnatch. The name says it all. If you don’t already own a vagina… you’ll wish you did.

Lill and Jill: The trivial conversations and nonsensical meditations of two women you know. These 2 lovelys are a hilarious sitcom waiting to happen!

The Story of Alice   Alice colours the world vivid, and rides her sublime carousel with a cast of characters who could have only been hand-picked from 1920’s Paris, Diane Arbus photographs, or Studio 54. I picture her looking as though she escaped from a black and white Helmut Newton photograph (with all that charisma à la Charlote Rampling).

Teri’s The Narcissist’s Blog and Silly G’s Three Months to Forty: Dating vignettes and thoughts with a dash of much-needed  comfort and humour from the datingsingle world -You’re not alone you singles!… and not forgetting Never Kiss a Toad Again with tons of goodies including a personal fave post containig a single girl’s Christmas ode (a la Julie Andrews): Toady Christmas Cheer – GOLDEN!

The Sexpeditions of Lady J and Out of the Mire: Staying relatively sane/functional, running a household, juggling 3 kids, and a husband, while harnessed in with enough baggage to fill an 18-wheeler and searching for the big “O” (and I don’t mean Oprah, folks)… This women is my hero – someone get her a f’cking cape, NOW.

Wanderlust: Everything I love visual and cerebral, and fabulously retro – seems to be here.

More Fucking Opinions from Someone on the Internet: If SHE wasn’t younger than me and born in Ireland I could swear we were seperated at birth.

The Mind Of Freya: Smile-worthy, random loveliness I really like.

Lill and Jill: The trivial conversations and nonsensical meditations of two women you know. These 2 lovelys are a hilarious sitcom waiting to happen!

Fabulous Karen’s The Skinny Jeans and Starbucks Chronicles: Tales of everyday battles with freaks and bad hair days in the big city. How else am I going to live vicariously through someone in the civilized world and figure out what’s really going on back in my home hood?!

Kat’s SnarkySnatch  – Living proof that some women (like us) REALLY like sex, and like to kiss and tell. Her blog is no-holes-barred awesome. (no pun intended)

The Dissemination of Thought: If HE wasn’t younger than me and born in Australia I : I could swear we were seperated at birth.

Felix’s @GrumpyComments he’s really funny, he sometimes makes no sense, or makes complete sense… regarless, it’s golden.

Wayside Artist: A smile-worthy blog, filled with original sketches and paintings of the country and nature, and that reminds me of my life in Canada, which makes me nostalgic and warm on those chilly winter nights.

Should I ever become a momma  no doubt I’ll be going back and scouring through their archives: Astromomma at  It Is What It Is  and Pudding at Pudding Girl  

Thanks to all my lovely readers! Peace and Love. CM

3 Responses to Award Shelf & Blog Sugar

  1. Moment Matters says:

    The free e-book “Greatest Articles | Moment Matters”, featuring your comment, is out now! You may download it in Nook, Kobo, ePUB or PDF format here.


  2. MJ says:

    Love the sweetness you give out to all your blogging friends. I’m thinking about you and hoping you’re well! ::big hug::

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