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Info you didn’t know or really care to, but here it is anyways…

I’ve been tagged  (or more fittingly – tackled)  by the fabulous Teri ‘The Narcissist,’  to respond to a list of personal questions that is currently being circulated within our incestuous blog family. (I love this stuff!) Teri ‘ejaculates’ the goods with an abundance of self-love, and doesn’t beat around … Continue reading

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Oliver speaks! “Give me f’cking more!”

More Sir. I may look poor but I’m bad-ass. Over the last few years I have declared on numerous occasions how I have bore an uncanny, metaphorical resemblance to a modern-day, pure-hearted ‘Oliver Twist’ (only with furniture and diamonds). As generally during the … Continue reading

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A Single Gal’s Brownie Binge (boring) Weekend

What am I DOING this weekend? Does this answer your question?… The only reason I am not crippled by guilt and slumped over the toilet with my head in the bowl in my own version of a metaphorical ‘vomitorium’ like … Continue reading

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