It’s all in the sauce, baby: The culinary education of CM

I’ve come a long way, baby!

3 years ago, Angelo (my former student) suspiciously ceased  to be interested in me after my declaration that I did not know how to make tomato sauce. This was my wake-up call to buck-up and get with the program. If I was ever to find a partner, I’d have to have at least mastered the sauce. This summer, the first of my real independence without an ex hovering over me in the kitchen scanning for microscopic dog hairs, I have initiated my very own culinary education. Taking bits and pieces from friends and experimenting a bit on my own.

This was, by far the best sanwhich I ever made, and sadly I was alone when I made it so no one can back me up on this one. There was roasted eggplant with garlic olive oil and parsley, scamorza affumicata cheese, and fresh tomatoes on 'saltimboca bread'

The sandwhich is officially my pièce de résistance

pasta with spinach and fresh ricotta cheese

Roasted pumpkin with garlic, parsley olive oil, honey, and lemon

Fried polenta… a virtual no-brainer for the culinary challenged

Pasta with zucchini and lemon, and parmesan cheese – this time it’s pasta for 2

I can almost feel like I am eating potato chips when I eat these, only they're WAY better, and keep for a few days.

Fried zucchini, with olive oil, garlic, white wine vinegar and fresh mint

Pasta with fresh mussels, I scored these while snorkeling on the Amalfi Coast just near my little private beach. A little taste of paradise for one.

Linguine integrale con broccoli (whole-wheat linguini with broccoli)

OK I cheated, this was from an IKEA mix… but all I need to do is cram some walnuts in there and make some icing with powdered sugar… mmmm

Deep fried organic zucchini flower stuffed with mozzarella

My love needs no introduction….

…all I need now is a sensitive, intellectually evolved – one of THESE (in a wife-beater)


6 Responses to It’s all in the sauce, baby: The culinary education of CM

  1. BH says:

    This looks *so* good. The food, I mean….;)

  2. *Drool* You had me at sandwich…L

  3. andy1076 says:

    Any extra for one guest? I’ll even do the dishes! 😀

  4. Any Italian man would be mad not to fall for these ‘primi’ and ‘secondi’…it looks like you cook like a local!! Hopefully the Salernitani will see some sense and not worry so much about the history behind your tomato sauce production…(although I may agree with them on the dog hairs…!).

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