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Q: Are you f’n crazy? A: Yes, I believe that is a distinct possibility.

I said it would never happen, I’d never do it, or even consider it, as I barely escaped with what remained of my sanity. But the truth of the matter is, I’m a sucker for punishment and I miss it like f’ck… Continue reading

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Un-dead EXs and The Shocking Normality Compared to a Former Existence

Somewhere along my proverbial ‘line’ I all but stopped writing. The critic, aka. ‘my annoying inner Gremlin’ repeating: “What’s the point? You have nothing to say. You have a decent man in your life, you’re not poking holes in your … Continue reading

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The Loss…

Looking back on the 31st of December: The morning I was due to arrive in Toronto for New Years Eve, walking a thin line of sanity obsessing whether or not I should get on the next flight the airline had me booked … Continue reading

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