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The Bum-Fondling Chair, Gweneth Paltrow & ‘THE MOVE-IN MERGER’

Flashback: November 2014 ‘Roots’ is a scary word. I don’t mean that in a 1977 miniseries’ depiction of African slavery kind-of-way starring the chap from Star Trek The Next Generation. In this instance I haven’t found Kunta Kinte, but I did find a nice … Continue reading

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Time to celebrate this week’s ‘WTF Online-Dating Profile!’

Here we go again… As I have recently arrived back in the Canadian home-zone I felt it only fair I finally pay some local Toronto homeboys homage for putting themselves out there in the online-dating world… Other than noting the … Continue reading

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Wrapping up loose ends and egos in check

Oddly enough in the last few weeks some of the old cast has resurfaced for guest-star cameo appearances on the final episodes of… The Cakes McCain Show: Loving, Hating and Leaving South Italy. Last month I finally picked up the … Continue reading

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